A molecular method for identifying calicophoron

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Molecular analysis of selected paramphistome isolates from cattle in southern Africa

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A modified method for plasmid extraction from Lactobacillus plantarum contained lysozyme removal step. Anal Biochem. Nov 5.

The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites

pii Venugopal V, Krishnan S, Palanimuthu VR, Sankarankutty S, Kalaimani JK, Karupiah S, Kit NS, Hock TT. Morphological, biological and molecular data from recent studies have clearly demonstrated the existence of a complex of species within the name “R.

sanguineus”, identifying at least four distinct taxa among specimens collected from dogs in different continents (Dantas-Torres et.

include JCR data (impact factor, subject category and rank) Cancel Export Export ×. Items where Year is Dube, S.

() Ceylonocotyle, Bothriophoron, and Calicophoron species Parasitic in some Nigerian Cattle. Dhlamini, Z.

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Nyakasoka, Epiphania () Identifying motivational factors in job performance and how they relate to attrition among village health workers in Shurugwi and Chirumanzu districts.

A molecular method for identifying calicophoron
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